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Salary period: Annual
To manage the daily operations of the accounting department of the College.
To formulate accounting policies and procedures in accordance with generally accepted accounting practices, and to implement financial systems to allow for the efficient processing of financial information within the College.
To prepare financial reports for all levels of management, as well as, the Ohio Board of Regents, the State Department of Education, the Auditor of the State of Ohio, the Federal Department of Education and other various Federal and State agencies.
To develop and implement internal auditing controls designed to safeguard the financial assets of the College.
To forecast cash requirements and to process the necessary financial transactions to provide adequate cash flow for the fiscal operations of the College.
Participate as a member of the college's investment committee.
To recommend the appointment of independent public accountants for the annual College financial and compliance audits and to oversee and coordinate the audit process.
To provide accounting, reporting and auditing oversight for the College Foundation.
Bachelor's degree in accounting or business management.
Master's in Business Administration (MBA) and or Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is a plus.
6 - 10 years Accounting experience especially in a non-profit environment. Management experience in business operations and personnel. Federal and state grant administration and reporting.
Knowledgeable about National and State accounting principles, practices and standards.
Knowledgeable about business law, finance and State and Federal fiscal regulations.
Business administration, leadership, creativity and people management skills and techniques.
Strong interpersonal communication skills. Analytical and statistical skills.
Prepare financial reports for College administrators and various federal, state and local agencies. Achieved by analysing, interpreting and evaluating financial data and preparing financial statements according to applicable guidelines and accounting standards.
Manage the business operations of the College's accounting department, as well as, the departmental budget.
Manage internal and external financial audit functions.
Establish and monitor internal controls designed to protect the financial assets of the College. Coordinate and manage annual compliance and financial audit conducted by independent public accountants and the Auditor of State.
Create, coordinate, monitor and implement accounting systems and policies and procedures for the processing of College financial information.
Account, forecast and maintain adequate cash requirements for the financial operations of the College including the selling and purchasing of investments.
Provide financial accounting, reporting and auditing management for the College Foundation which is an independent non-profit organization.
Assume some of the responsibilities of the Vice President of Business and Finance when he is away from the office for extended periods of time.
Serve on various committees within the College.
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